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Smart Home solutions

Author :MR.he Date:2013-3-4 11:04:59

The early origins of the smart home concept, but there has been no specific case of building appear,until 1984 the United Technology, Inc. (United Technologies Building System) construction equipment. information technology integration concept used in the U.S. state of Connecticut (Conneticut) Hartford (Hartford) City Place Building Home Building "intelligent building" , from that time , also opened the compete prelude to build the smart home all over the world.

After many years of accumulated demand, At present ,usually smart home is defined as the use of computers, networks and integrated wiring technology, Through the family information management platform will be related with the household life of the various subsystems organically combined into a system.Specifically, it is the first in a household set up a communication network to provide the necessary path information for home, under the control of the operating system in the home network, through the corresponding hardware and actuator, implementation of all household electrical appliances and devices on the network control and monitoring. Secondly,they must  through a certain network platform, constitute a channel of communication with the outside world, in order to achieve the information communication with the world outside beyond the family, to meet the remote control, monitoring and exchange of information needs. Finall to satisfy people to safety, comfort, convenient and green environmental protection requirements

Along With the socio-economic structure、Family structure and development of information technology change, And the human for environment of safety, comfort, and Improvement of efficiency,cause the smart home demand increase greatly, at the same time, more and more families request smart home products not only to meet the basic needs, but also request the smart home systems function extension, the extension services to do simple, convenient and safe.

 II. Commonly used in smart home technology introduction and compare

    Although the concept of smart home is very early, the market demand has always existed, but the development of smart home for a long time due to subject to the relevant technical breakthrough, has not been large-scale popularization application,.At present the Smart home technology market as follows:
1 wired
   In this way, all of the control signal must be connected through a wired,and the controller end of the signal line is more scary, but once meet the trouble is quite difficult. The wired way drawback is very prominent ,complicated wiring, heavy workload, high cost, difficult to maintain, difficult to network. These shortcomings eventually led to the wired smart home keep the concept and pilot stages, can not be a large-scale promotion.
2 wirelessly
   For smart home wireless system needs to meet a few features: low power consumption, stable, easy to extend the grid; As for the transmission speed is obviously not the focus of such applications. At present, Several can be used in smart home wirelessly
   Bluetooth: is a kind of support device (Generally within 10m) short-distance communication radio technology. can be included mobile phone 、PDA, wireless headset, laptop computers, associated peripherals, and many other devices between wireless information exchange. But this technology communication distance is too short, at the same time is a peer-to-peer communications, for requirements of smart home does not apply.
    WIFI: Actually is the nickname of IEEE 802.11 b ,Is called a” compatible Wireless Ethernet Alliance” (Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance, WECA) released by the organization of industry terminology, Chinese translation for "wireless compatible authentication". It is a short-range wireless transmission technology, support for Internet radio signals in the range of a few hundred meters. It's the biggest feature is convenient for people to access the Internet anytime, But the disadvantage is obviously for smart home applications, High power consumption、professional networking. High power consumption for the deployment of low-power sensor anytime is very fatal flaw, So the wifi although is very popular, But in the application of smart home  just played a subsidiary role

    315M/433M/868M/915M: The radio frequency (RF) technology is widely used in vehicle monitoring, remote control, telemetry, small wireless network, industrial data acquisition systems, wireless tags,ID identification, non-contact RF and other places, and also has the manufacturers to introduce to smart home system, but due to the weak nti-interference ability, networking inconvenience, general reliability, in smart home is far from satisfactory for people, eventually abandoned by mainstream manufacturers.
Zigbee: Zigbee is based on IEEE 802.15, but IEEE just only deal with low-level MAC layer and physical layer protocol, So the Zigbee alliance expands the IEEE ,and for the network layer protocol and API standardization.Zigbee is a new emerging short-range, low-rate, low-power wireless network technology, mainly used for short-range wireless connection. With low complexity, low-power, low-rate, low-cost, Ad-hoc network, highly reliable and BVR characteristics. mainly suitable for application in areas such as automatic control and remote control, Can be embedded into a variety of devices. In a nutshell ,ZigBee is a cheap 、Low power consumption、ad hoc network of short-range wireless communications technology.
III. Under the background of the Internet of things smart home understand

ZigBee initially expected application areas, including consumer electronics, energy management, health care, home automation, building automation and industrial automation. With the rise of the Internet of things, ZigBee has got a new application opportunities again,Internet of things applications is sensor network edge or control unit,

in thousands of tiny sensor and ZigBee can drive the mutual coordination and communication between units,and the unit only needs very little energy, By way of relay the data by radio waves from one network node to another node, so it's very high communication efficiency. This technology is a low-power,anti-interference, high reliability, easy networking, easy expansion, easy to use, easy to maintain,to facilitate rapid large-scale deployment characteristics conform to the requirements of the development of the Internet of Things and trends. From the Current point to view, the Internet and ZigBee technology in the smart home, industrial monitoring and health care application has a lot of fusion etc.

It is worth to note that the rise of the Internet of the things bring a broad market space for ZigBee. For the purpose of the Internet of things is to combine all kinds of information sensing transmission unit and the Internet to form a huge network, in the vast network, sensing transmission unit and the need for data transfer between communication network, and relative to other wireless technology, ZigBee is known for its advantages in investment, construction, maintenance, etc, will be in the Internet of things smart home gain wider application.

IV. Plan selection

As a standard smart home, need to cover a wide range of applications, but the precondition is must any ordinary consumers can be very simple and quick to install their own deployment even Even extending application, without the need  professional installers on-site installation. A typical smart home systems usually needs  the following equipment:


Product Name


Wireless communication gateway
Connected network  Transfer control signal
Wireless dimmer switch
Wireless temperature and humidity sensor
Wireless intelligent socket
Wireless infrared repeater
Wireless infrared intrusion detectors
The radio air quality detector
Wireless doorbell
Wireless door, window magnetic sensor
Wireless combustible gas valve
Wireless combustible gas leak detector
Wireless automatic curtain

Simple diagram

Brief description of the related equipment:

Wireless Gateway: is a collection of information of all wireless sensor devices and wireless linkage control terminal. All sensors, sensors will collect the information through the wireless gateway to the  mobile phones, tablets, computers also control command by the management device through the wireless gateway send linkage device.

Such as home empty, the door is opened, the door magnetic detecting was broken into, will break into alarm via a wireless gateway sent to the host cell phone, mobile phone received information from vibration ringtones, master confirmed send control instructions, electromagnetic locks automatically LaSuo and trigger a wireless alarm sound and light alarm

Wireless intelligent dimming switch: The switch can be directly substituted to the home of the wall switch panel, it not only can be like a normal switch the same use,through which not only be used like a normal more important it has been with the home of all objects networking equipment automatically composed of a wireless sensor control network, Can through the wireless gateway to the switch, the dimmer instruction, etc,Its significance lies in the master left home without having to worry about whether all the lights forgot to turn off, as long as the master left  home, all forget to shut the light would automatically shut off. Or when you sleep you don't need to room to check the lamp open, you need to do just according to the bottoms in the head of a bed of the sleep button, all lights will automatically shut down, at the same time you wake up at night, the lights will automatically adjust to soft so as to guarantee the quality of sleep

Wireless temperature and humidity sensor: mainly used to detect the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. Although most air conditioning temperature detection function, but due to the volume of air conditioning, it can only be detected near the outlet air temperature, it is the important reason for many consumers feel the temperature is not allowed. Has the wireless temperature and humidity detector, you can know exactly the indoor accurate temperature and humidity. Its practical significance is that when the indoor temperature is too high or too low to start the air conditioning control temperature in advance. Such as when you are on the way home, the home wireless temperature and humidity sensors to detect the room temperature is too high will start the automatic air conditioning cooling, when you back home, home has been a pleasant temperature, Other wireless temperature and humidity sensor also has a special meaning to you in the morning to go out, when you stay in air conditioning room, you do not feel outdoor temperature , at this time in a wall outside the temperature and humidity sensors can play a role, it can tell you now the outdoor temperature, accroding to the standard time that you  can decide your own dress, and will not appear after go out to wear more or less embarrassing.

Wireless smart socket: mainly used to control the switch of home appliance, such as through it can automatically start the exhaust fan, exhaust, this on a hot summer day in airtight garage is an interesting application. , of course, it also can control anything you want to control the home appliances, as long as the electrical appliances plug in wireless smart socket, such as water dispenser, electric water heater and so on.

Wireless infrared repeater: This product is mainly used in the home can be controlled by infrared remote control devices, such as air conditioning, electric curtains, TV and so on. Through wireless infrared transponder, you can remote wireless remote control air conditioning, you can also don't have to get up and close the curtain, etc. This is a very meaningful products, Its traditional home appliances can be immediately converted to smart home appliances.

Wireless infrared anti-intrusion detectors: This product is mainly used to prevent the illegal invasion, such as when you press the wireless sleep button of the head of a bed after, turn off is not only the lights ,at the same time, it will also launch wireless infrared into detector automatic fortification, as once someone invasion will send out alarm signals and can be set to automatically open by invading area lights deter intruders. Or when you are away from home it automatically after fortification, once someone breaking in, will through the wireless gateway automatically reminds you of cellular phone and accept the warning instance processing instructions from your phone.

Wireless air quality sensor: the main detection sensor inside the bedroom air quality is cloudy, that is meaningful for you to go home and rest, especially for family with infants and young children are especially important. Tell you it by detecting the air quality at present indoor air whether the influence is healthy, and can be adjusted through wireless gateway startup related equipment optimization air quality.

Wireless doorbell: the doorbell is valuable for the large family or a villa. For security reasons, most people will close the door when sleeping, at this time visit someone press the door bell, it's hard to hear the bell in the room. The wireless doorbell to ring the bell signal is passed to the bedside switch prompt someone to visit you.

And no person at home, ring the bell of the action through the gateway to your mobile phone, and this is very important for you to know about family's safety status and someone visit informations.

Wireless magnetic door、magnetic window : mainly used for anti-intrusion. When you are at home, doors, magnetic window will automatically in the state, will not trigger alarm, when you left home, the magnetic doors and window will automatically enter the protection state, once someone open the door or windows will notify your phone and issued alarm information. Compared with traditional magnetic doors and windows, wireless door and window magnetic does not need wiring, equipped with batteries work, very convenient to install and the installation process is generally not more than two minutes. In addition for families with a safe box , the sensors can also detect and record the safe every time open or shut down time and timely notify the authorized mobile phone.

Solar energy wireless smart valve: this is through the solar-powered wireless watering system. General workflow is soil moisture sensor and soil water is sent to the wireless gateway, once the soil water shortage, wireless gateway will send control instructions to inform water supply wireless smart valve, at the same time pass time of water supply and water supply to the gateway, and through the gateway is saved in the mobile phone or other devices.

Wireless bed sleep button: this is a can be fixed or paste on the board of the head of a bed of battery-powered devices, its role is primarily to help you during sleep close all the electrical appliances at the same time start the security system into protection state. Such as launch wireless infrared window into detectors, magnetic window, magnetic door into early warning and protection, etc. In addition it can also help you start night lighting patterns, such as when you wake up at night, open the lights and it will be very soft, and not as bright as when eating, even if it is the same lamp.

Wireless gas leak sensor, the sensor is mainly to detect gas leakage in the home, it does not need wiring, once there is gas leakage alarm and inform the authorized mobile phone through the gateway.

Wireless gas leak sensor: The sensor manily probe home gas leaks, it does not require wiring, once gas leak alarm will be issued through the gateway and inform the authorized mobile phone.

Wireless radiation sensor, wireless air pollution sensors: for some people who is sensitive to the sun radiation, this kind of sensor has a special meaning, with it you can accurately know whether need to take out front against solar radiation or dust pollution prevention measures, and the only thing that you have to do is look at the  mobile phone screen, because the outdoor radiation, pollution, and so on situation has been through the wireless network gateway to your mobile phone.

The above is a typical smart home system for the Internet of Things, of course,

Bring the magic of the Internet of things, is that you can accordng to the needs of its own free combination or DIY (detail see nanjing union sensing technology co., LTD.,, all installation does not require the participation of professionals, an ordinary consumer to complete, and the whole system of the installation is complete process is generally not more than half an hour, this is the Internet of things smart home products and the traditional smart home products is an important distinction.

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