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Smart Home to lift Green Storm change lifestyle

Author :MR.he Date:2013-3-4 11:01:23

Now, we the people's living standards has improved, and live in a fine decorated mansion, and use of a high-end appliances and household equipment, but to live grade, a grade, but also need to work harder. Recent years, limelight strong enough to promote the application of smart home, many families not only live a smart life, Achieved only in Hollywood blockbusters are some tech scene, especially need to commendable is smart home with green storm,Let the people live a low carbon energy saving ,Healthy and comfortable, to lead a new way of life.

Save  electricity thirty percent

The so-called "green living", is to let the people live environmental protection, health, safety and saving , Current, ordinary people in their daily lives have begun into gradually the green concept, whether to buy household appliances, cosmetics, or save energy, personally handmade crops, have been considering. To build a green life, you can start from the details of the bits and pieces of life. As just need spend tens of thousands of yuan buying a smart home at home and can easily have the green life.

For example, you take home electricity bill per month on crazy, and now had the Nanjing union sensing of ZIGBEE wireless intelligent household doesn't have to worry, because the intelligent lighting technology in the home, so that the entire lighting system can follow The best cost-effective way to accurately operate to maximize energy savings. Such as "people come to light, people go out, the lamp will not waste a lot of electricity due to forget to turn off the lights ,to in a hurry to work from home in a hurry in the morning will often forget to turn off the home lights and electrical appliances. now as long as you dial the phone "home" screen, you can shut down all electric household devices in the home at once.

If you talk about saving, also have to mention with the smart socket, not only one-time

 turn off all electrical power,but also for home electricity relaxation degrees, the purpose of real-time monitoring, as increased metering information management, electricity information management, electricity billing, power monitoring new features, and some home users can save electricity 20% -30% per month.
detect the degree of fresh air
   Right now, Air quality is letting a person, Multiple sites across the country have the fog haze weather, many residents physical discomfort,Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other places waiting in the long queue, Because of the fog haze weather cause respiratory disease, part of the hospital's respiratory patients increase of 1/3 than usual.Jiangsu,anhui,shandong,henanand other places traffic administration state, the province had a car accident more.

N    Nanjing objects associated sensing technology department official said, the company launched the smart home has the function of environmental monitoring, and equipped with oxygen in room ,carbon monoxide, smoke, temperature and humidity, lighting and air quality and other kinds of sensors detectors, Especially the air quality detectors enough real-time measurement of CO2, temperature, humidity, VOC data, when the data exceeds the specified value,  it will automatically open the air freshener, take the initiative to attack bacteria in the air, viruses and allergens to improve the air quality, Make the body feel comfortable and happy.
   The floor in the newly renovated houses, Furniture will send out a lot of harmful gas,such as formaldehyde, when the content reaches a certain value, will be able to sensors detected and an send out alarm signal. Moreover, if home gas leak, master mobile phone can also send out alarm information in the first time

Home-grown green environment

Now, food safety is also no protection, Poison green vegetables, Bean sprouts, Tomatoes and other vegetables caused by food poisoning, many city ents to eliminate processed foods, Contain a variety of additives or through radiation processing of food,Select and use green food,if you can eating the vegetables by yourself, Now this wish can be achieved.

M   Many urban families in the balcony or roof into a plot of land to grow vegetables, Also  in free time happy affection raises a gender,Since the vegetables install a light sensor in the home, Temperature and humidity sensors and other sensor devices, When the temperature increases,the flowerpot dishes need water, Owners can wirelessly watering system for watering and also can be bundled, When there is need to irrigation systems themselves, Don't need to master on the ground, Owners can through the mobile phone watch

 Nanjing objects associated sensing technology department official said, smart home builds a growing vegetables indoors environment and function, Solves the difficult problem and make many families eat their good vegetables.Hangzhou citizens Chen Xiuzhen said, now ,the supply of vegetables in their home on their own, All kinds of fruits and vegetables all the year round supply is adequate, security, also for plants to children by the way, kill two birds with one stone.

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