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HOME >News > Company news > The smart home opened the era of the Internet of Things civilian market

The smart home opened the era of the Internet of Things civilian market

Author :MR.he Date:2013-3-4 11:00:31

Author MR.he Date2013-3-4 11:00:31

Around the 12th five-year plan announced, Everywhere in promoting the construction of Internet of things, miit in combination with the Treasury set up Internet of special funds, the national development and reform commission also launched the national iot r&d and industrialization projects ,the New Year, again under the state council issued "the guidance on promoting orderly and healthy development of the Internet of things". According to the guidance, the state not only to make good use of strategic emerging industry development funds, The Internet of things development special funds support policy.

In addition, also enjoy preferential tax policies. By above that can see the country is attach importance of internet of things.,everyone knows that the prospect of internet of things, however, if you pull a person on the street and ask,  what is internet of things, I'm afraid ten inside there are at least eight is a daze . Although ,the government hopes to play the role of a guide in the development of the Internet of Things, But, in fact, So far, the government is still a plaing.

At present, the market of the Internet of Things products has been a lot of two-dimensional code, a variety of sensors, cloud services, etc., but, Most of it is by the government procurement, used in smart grid, the wisdom city, there are national key project construction, procurement of enterprises and individuals, relatively more insignificant

   As important basic link in the Internet of things industry of smart home has become, in the Internet of things industry really opened the civilian market.

Smart Home name to know which belong to the domestic industry, After many years of hard work, the smart home has started the civil process, Today's intelligent household, mostly adopted zigbee wireless technology, don't have to be slotted, wall, does not need complicated equipment and professional installation techniques, ordinary people can be installed according to the actual situation, combined with cost reduction, already have MinYongHua foundation.

Ma Mature technology, cost reduction is easy to promote

   Senior member as the zigbee alliance of greater China, the Nanjing of Things sensing in Smart Home civilians road has been out of the far away. Whether it is a new house or

second-hand housing, the zigbee wireless technology can meet their needs, and, compared with those tens of thousands of smart home system, costs have declined dramatically, and and can adjust measures to local conditions, free combination internet of DIY things of smart home obviously occupied a great advantage. Ordinary people for high-tech life in general is also looking forward to, perhaps is dispensable, however, the smart home has an extremely important role in all aspects, for example, in such a gas, water, electricity are in rise of years smart home can have very good energy-saving effect, significantly lower in all kinds of energy consumption in the home, prolong the service life of household equipment, before long, the cost also will be back.

Fashion life, security and protection are all get together

In addition, today's smart home, represents the fashion and trend, and it is just only  in American movies, science fiction movies, and magazines to see on the network of high-tech life has become a real dream, wisdom, efficient, convenient, comfortable life for people to save time, easier then take a small price, you can enjoy as a super-rich high-tech luxury life, make people more comfortable.

Moreover, the smart home on all aspects of security, is also very to force, both at home and abroad security intrusion prevention, fire prevention is a gas leak, it is way too tight, just in the last year, said the data ,the smart home on various aspects of security, but also extremely to force, both internaland external anti-theft anti-intrusion, or fire anti-gas leak, it can be said is way too tight, just in the last year, the data indicates, just only things of sensing cooperate with some big eal estate companies and property companies, for the large office buildings, villas, apartment configuration of intelligent household, for users to retrieve more than tens of millions of property damage, not to mention also have save the lives of many users.

Low-cost, safe and practical, which is smart home into the hand of civil market, the smart home will become the pioneer of Internet of things industry entered a stage of civil, play an exemplary role, its application and profit model, will be replicated to other Internet

 of things industry promotion, let the Internet of things for the average person, is not stranger, but truly enter into the life of people.


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