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Smart home fight technology wired and wireless who is superior

Author :MR.he Date:2013-3-4 10:59:29

Author MR.he Date2013-3-4 10:59:29

For a long time, the international smart home industry pioneer whom without exception, are standing the bus system wiring camp. Based on the research and development of cable communication methods, developed such as EIB, ApBus, the CAN bus, X-10 control bus PLCBUS CEBus buses ,485 BUS, field BUS communication protocol, etc. Manufacturers is the difference between encryption communication protocol, but actually has not changed. Communication technology is an important part in the development of smart home technology,

Cable technology compared with wireless technology, which is better?

Smart home: wireless technology PK Cable technology

In today's information technology changes with each passing day, smart home as a high and new technology industry, From the beginning, many manufacturers will try to use technology to interpret this new field. A conform to The Times and trend of the industry technical standards, undeniably will greatly accelerate the development of an industry.

While many rising stars happen to coincide choice of wireless communication technology as intelligent household communications solutions, they think the cable wiring the complex technology, installation problems, system function fixed, poor scalability and so on various drawbacks. And wireless technology, simple installation without construction, facilitate rapid deployment, and high flexibility, more energy conservation and environmental protection.

 From market present situation, the current wireless technology, alternative priority technology already has a lot of successful precedent. Such as once dragged long microphone has rarely appeared on stage, instead, the way of wireless radio communications microphone; Old-fashioned landline cable also is no longer the people of the most commonly used communication equipment; Cable broadband, gradually turned into a wifi hotspot, and even began to3 gnetworks, many cities also made wireless pilot city, the city of data exchange in wireless way.

So it seems the cable technology of smart home outlook is grim, but why so many manufacturers still steadfast is choosing the way of the cable? Seems to be this is in order to cater to the psychological effect of the consumer, you need to  know the smart home users to decorate in the family in the pipe wire embedded into the wall, with a real line connect the individual devices, rather than how many let people psychological sureness some illusory wireless, besides through the cable control chip prices also cheaper, is the cause of many manufacturers choose cable communication methods. So has created today's combination of cable and wireless two.

From wireless technology and the stability of cable between to see who is better? As is known to all, influence the stability of a product is not the cause of the unilateral can decided, and the quality of the production process, manufacturing level, components itself advantages and disadvantages, as well as the software and hardware processing mechanism, and many other factors will directly affect the stability of the final product. Technical standards is just one of the link, it seems unstable to wireless alone determine product seems a bit biased. But from the developing trend of the future, wireless technologies are more popular, after all, the future of smart home technology must be simple to install, convenient networking, debugging rapidly in the direction of the development.

Analysis of development trend of future smart home, we can easily find that consumers value most is the safety requirement, followed by entertainment leisure and energy conservation and environmental protection. The last is the icing on the cake of efficient and function. Need to see the future of smart home is a kind of technology can meet the above requirements.

Wireless technology advantage is obvious

  In fact, cable of smart home control signal stability, but the problem is very outstanding

Besides the wiring multifarious, workload big, difficult maintenance and high cost, and difficult to network is also a big problem.For example, the owner would like to add some smart devices, Will be to pull open wall, into line, really trouble. These shortcomings eventually led to the wired way to stay on the concept of smart home and pilot phase, Unable to large-scale promotion

Obviously, This way of through a cable connection of smart home control signal,

does not has a strong market prospects and development potential. In contrast, wireless smart home is gradually occupy the market mainstream. The main reason is that such a smart home without complicated network cabling, with junior middle school education level can be installed on its own; the automatic network, Equipment strong scalability; Low power consumption, low cost, Conform to the modern concept of green life; Maintenance services in a timely manner, can accurately detect and repair fault.

It is worth mentioning, At present ,part of the radio frequency (RF) smart products using the315M/433Mtechnology, but due to its weak anti-jamming capability, networking inconvenience, general reliability, in the application of intelligent household is far from satisfactory, eventually abandoned by the mainstream manufacturers,And some manufacturers take this claim wireless smart product performance is not stable, it is ulterior motives, But in fact , is actually the business interests of the driver,and is the strategy of market competition use.

Wireless communication into a smart home direction in the future

Market for the selection of wireless, wired two camps, determines the direction of the future smart home communication technology. At present domestic most smart home enterprises adopting wireless communication has reached a consensus about the future. Future communication of smart home technology must be simple to install, convenient networking, debugging, quickly in the direction of the development, have to mention here is that ZIGBEE technology has been widely used in domestic Internet industry, especially in the field of smart home application earlier, and have achieved good results.

Recently, , the international of ZIGBEE alliance chairman Bob haley said

, ZIGBEE is a new short-range, low rate, low power wireless network technology, Mainly used for wireless connection from close range, Has low complexity and low power consumption, low rate, low cost, ad-hoc network, high reliable, over-the-horizon characteristics, Mainly suitable for application in areas such as automatic control and remote control, can be embedded into a variety of devices


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