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Golden curtain

Author :Benny Lin Date:2013-8-1 11:55:13
Gold symbolizes --- noble, glorious, luxurious, brilliant.
Golden curtain is rare, but it touches a lot of gentle light golden people's favorite
Gold can play symbolizes noble, glorious, luxurious, brilliant effect, so the royal family usually make clothes with gold.
In many countries, because of the gold color is gold, gold represents money, wealth, and capitalism.
The use of color and use of space law is closely related. I am referring to the use of space is the use of color spaces and ratios. You ask such a question is too broad. If I irresponsibly reply: Gold is wild color (some kind of perspective is a fact)
Gold is one of the most brilliant luster color, it is paramount solid nature, it is the color of the sun, it represents warmth and happiness, but also has a shining earth, radiant charm. Since ancient times, the value of gold to give gold to meet, luxury, decoration, ornate, elegant, show off, holy, honor and loyalty symbolism.
Gold has a very striking effect and Xuanhui feeling. It has a wonderful nature, it is configured in a variety of colors uncoordinated case, the use of gold will make them immediately in harmony together and produce a bright, gorgeous, brilliant visual effects. However, if the use of a large gold and individual requirements of space is very high, accidentally, will produce with bottlenecks, easy like a nouveau riche, or who worships money.

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